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A few times recently, gmail has displayed a highlighted message at the top of an email, saying essentially, "this message would have been marked as spam if not for a filter you set up. edit filters ."

This is disconcerting, as it has never yet happened with an email that was spam. And they offer the "edit filters" link as though my reaction will be "silly me. Let me fix my filters so you can mark this spam without interference."

When what I want to be able to say is, "This not spam! Are you nuts? Why do you think it's spam?! Stop that!"

And of course it makes me wonder what I don't have filters for that they are marking as spam. Next time it happens I will take a screenshot and send them feedback, but in the meantime it's really worrisome.
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So, yes, let's see, Penguicon 4.0 was this past weekend. The Buffy show went well, I saw (and flirted with) lots of friends, I enjoyed hanging out with the guest I was liaison to, Chris DiBona, who was both interesting and easy to "handle," and as a bonus for the weekend, my husband Bill came home early on Saturday (He'll make it back out to the trail, we think, but he seems to have a toe or metatarsal injury that needs rest to heal). [livejournal.com profile] atdt1991 gave him a lift out to the con, so I got to have a reunion with him as well.
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