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Why do I say "Ack"? Well, it will be a whirlwind of Detcon1 activities as our first All Hands Detcon1 Concom Meeting occurs Saturday evening. Also, I am giving a presentation Sunday morning. And Brian and I are both on other programming. How will we do it? The Child will be staying with her grandparents for the weekend.

Here's the link to the full program: http://confusionsf.org/program-schedule

Unfortunately Panelists are not listed on program items, so if you're trying to figure out what to attend based on who is on the item, either check the blogs of the people you want to see or wait for the printed program, I guess. Oh wait, no. You can download The Full Schedule as a .pdf.

And here's my schedule. I note that there are a whopping 9 items on the Friday schedule at 9 pm, including "Life Can't Grow There," a stump-the-microbiologist session featuring my husband, so I'll be mighty surprised if anyone comes to my First-timers Orientation session. But we'll see - if you miss it then, it will be repeated at 9 am on Saturday. There are also 10 - count 'em, 10 - items at 10 am on Sunday, so... who knows if anyone will come to my presentation, either? I'll try to make it worth your while if you stop by. (Anyone know any good robot jokes? .. "Q: How do you tell when someone on your project team is really a robot? A: They actually do what you tell them to.")

That first word after the time is the name of the room the item is in.

    Friday, January 17th

    9 PM, Dearborn - So This is Your First ConFusion
    Welcome to your first Confusion! To keep your actual confusion to a minimum, let us tell you what we're about and what we have to offer you this weekend! Dave Klecha, Anne Gray

    Saturday, January 18th

    9 AM, Dearborn - So This is Your First Confusion (Repeated)
    Welcome to your first Confusion! To keep your actual confusion to a minimum, let us tell you what we're about and what we have to offer you this weekend! Dave Klecha, Anne Gray

    12 PM, Huron - Superheroes Belong to Everyone
    Many of us love superheroes because as kids we wanted to be like them, but what happens when you don't see any superheroes or creators who look like you? Anne Gray, Candra Gill, Andre Batts, Mark Oshiro

    Sunday, January 19th

    10 AM, Dearborn - Real Challenges of Semi-Autonomous Robots
    Classic SF explored the question of how to make robots autonomous, yet subservient, and there are many stories about AI breakthroughs to independent consciousness, but right now technology is on a cusp where robotics are only semi-autonomous. They can do certain behaviors autonomously but require a lot of supervision, direction, and intervention by humans. Keeping humans in-the-loop on tasks that are either largely boring (surveillance) or very environment-specific (navigation) involves several specific challenges, including how to get the right information back to the human operator for decision-making, as well as how to program a robot to ask for help when it's lost or stuck, or the situation is outside the parameters of its authority. Anne Gray

    11 AM, Huron - It's Not a Small World After All
    How has the increasingly public nature of interaction between fans and creators (via social media, tv shows reaching out to fans etc) and the increasing popularity of genre media among mainstream audiences (The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe) or stealth genre media (like LOST) blurred the lines between fandoms? Did they ever really exist? Who benefits from reinforcing them? Candra Gill, Anne Gray, Justin Landon, Mark Oshiro

    2 PM, Warren - So You Want to be on a Panel
    Ever been to a panel and thought, "Hey, I could talk about this topic!"? Come and learn the ins and outs of being on panels. Anne Gray (M), John Klima, Mark Oshiro, Adam Martinazzi

My 2 pm Sunday is up against Chicks that Kick B***, which is sad. I might try to send Brian to that panel to take notes, or convince someone to record the panel. Actually that would be an awesome panel to record. (If you want to help record panels for SFOHA, please let me know. Even a smart phone recording is better than no recording at all. Capturing spoken word doesn't really require fancy equipment, but sitting up in front does help.)

Also on the schedule is a Geek Parent Meetup (Meet other parents in the fandom community. Talk about the triumphs and hazards of geeky parenting. You bring the bottles, we'll provide the caffeine.) scheduled for two hours starting at 7 am on Saturday in the Consuite. Last year I tried to host a Geek Parent Meetup and they scheduled it during dinner on Saturday, which was not so good. Apparently this year they decided to try breakfast instead. Since I am a morning person, I may well stop in. But I may also suggest we adjourn to the restaurant...
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I'm pleased to note that ConFusion's Science GoH, PZ Myers, has the top ranked Science Blog in Nature.com's list of Top 50 Science Blogs, which follows technorati rankings.

PZ's blog, Pharyngula, is subtitled "Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal" and I suspect most of my readers would find something there to enjoy.
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I spent the long weekend (Thursday evening-Monday morning) at ConFusion in Troy. On the whole, it was fun, but I was missing a lot of people (either people who were there, but not with me at the time, or people who didn't come this year), and in general nothing was as magical as it was last year.

There were some new things, though. I MC-ed the Chuck Roast (Where we roasted Fan Guest of Honor Chick Firment) and I participated in the Writer's Workshop. Both those things went really well, but I was also prepping for them right up until they started and I was pretty stressed about that.

After the Roast Saturday afternoon I expected to relax a lot, and I did some, but I had a headache I'd had more or less since Thursday night. Sadly it didn't occur to me to medicate myself for this headache until lunchtime Sunday. I didn't sleep well Thursday night or Friday, and that impacted me for the rest of the weekend. Saturday night I slept better but not very much. Sunday night I finally got a full night's sleep and felt a lot better.

Most of the highlights of the weekend (other than the workshop and the roast) had to do with small visits directly with particular people.

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