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Because of the nature of my smoffing, my participation in fandom is not always very visible, but it continues. I am proud to have been part of the bidcom for the next North American Science Fiction Convention.

Early this year I had to ratchet that participation way down due to other things in life, but I was still the person holding the webhosting account where the website was, so last week Pablo contacted me about helping move the website to being under a new domain name, in case we won. I already had a busy week coming up --Rosie's 6th birthday, my sister coming to visit, painting and cleaning yet to do in the new house to get ready, but there is family, and there is familia de corazon, so I stayed up late friday night completing the migration to http://northamericon17.com

I'd never migrated a Wordpress install to a new URL before. For Detcon1 we just created a new site from scratch. Thankfully Dreamhost had a page of instructions, and I'd gotten the 'this info takes time to propogate' steps done earlier. I hit a couple snags, but their online chat accessible support folk were terrific, and I got it done. Just a small cog in the wheel, but it's still nice to do my part.

I'm very pleased the convention is going to Puerto Rico and I'm proud of our guests of honor. It was both a disapointing yet also cool moment to realize we had to take Nalo Hopkinson off the long list of prospective GoHs because *she was already a Worldcon Guest of Honor* for next year. Go Helsinki. :) Despite that, our Guest list is really rockin' and I know it will be a great con.

Pablo and I are also hoping this will be a good opportunity to finally get the Latin American Fan Fund rolling, so if you're interested in helping with that, please let me know.
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Does anyone know how to change the Standard toolbar in MS word so that it doesn't have the links to the web and excel on it that I don't ever use? and how to tell MS word to always show the whole formatting toolbar, and never to take things out of the toolbar or menus because I haven't used them in a while? I'm using MS word 2000. I want to change it and have it stay that way for next time I use MS word.

I know I can look it up, just thought I'd see if anyone already knows...

I guess really I want to power to specify which buttons to and not to have in my toolbar, but I'm not sure it lets you do that or how.

UPDATED TO ADD: A co-worker pointed out that if you hold down the 'Alt' key, you can drag buttons wherever you want them, including off of the toolbar.

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