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I have been substitute teaching in the same school one day a week this Fall in a long term assignment. This is an urban school where 100 % of the kids get free breakfast and lunch and those might be their only meals that day. Where 56% of the students who start the school year there will be someplace else by the end of the year, because the lives of many of the poor are not stable. There are lots of challenges these kids face. Multi-generational patterns of trauma, discrimination, and displacement. Can't fix it all.

But I was thinking maybe some of you who do not have children in elementary school right now might help make up for one of the key things these kids are lacking: parents with the time and connections to raise money for their school supplies. I talked to their art teacher about making up a list of supplies, and doing some crowd-funding. That same week, Facebook suggested I do a fundraiser for my birthday. Huh, I thought. Well, I could just do that.

This article on Medium has the text of that fundraiser, as well as info on how to just paypal me money in case you are FB averse.

If we raise enough money, I will arrange for the 7th and 8th graders at the school to get an extra workshop to make durable 3D art they can put in their school garden. I hope we get that far. I know a terrific artist named Tomak who is ready and willing to do that workshop with them. I just spoke to him today. :)

If you can, please help. Even a little bit would be great. Thank you!
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I was head of the Art @ Renovation project at Renovation, which included a lot of re-thinking about art at Worldcon, a bunch of outreach to artists and art directors, a definitive effort to step up the quality of art-related programming at the con as well as the art show, efforts to incorporate art images into the con space throughout the con, a gorgeous Artist Showcase produced by Sara Felix and Colin Harris, and an Art Night that included an evening of live demos, a Meet the Artists event in the Art Show, and the Chesley Awards. I was not able to attend any of the programming I had planned except the items I was on (none of which were art-related), and thus did not meet most of the artists we had at the con. I was very stressed for the first half of the con, and exhausted afterwards, partly because we moved across the country just over a week before the con and many balls were dropped due to that as well as other factors. None-the-less, there were highlights. Here are a few: )

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