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Dave Langford has created a free ebooks page at the TAFF site! Download of both TAFF trip reports and other fannish publications are free (but there is a donation button if you wish to donate to TAFF in appreciation). Be sure to click on your preferred format before you hit the download button.


Current offerings:

H. Ken Bulmer – TAFF Tales (1955 TAFF trip report)

Chris Evans (editor) – Conspiracy Theories (1987 symposium)

Rob Hansen – On the TAFF Trail (1984 TAFF trip report)

Rob Hansen – THEN (History of UK fandom 1930-1980)

David Langford – The TransAtlantic Hearing Aid (1980 TAFF trip report)

Peter Roberts – New Routes in America (1977 TAFF trip report)

Jim Theis – The Eye of Argon (1970 fanfiction "classic")

Walt Willis & Bob Shaw – The Enchanted Duplicator (1954 fanfiction classic)

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Brian and I were TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) delegates in 2010 and encourage everyone involved in science fiction & fantasy fandom to consider voting for who should cross the pond. Voting can be done electronically or by printed ballot and requires participants to make a small donation toward the maintenance of the fund. Go here for more info and to vote electronically.

The Candidates:

Nina Horvath

Whatever can happen, does happen. So why not an Austrian for TAFF? – Nina Horvath is a science-­fiction fan and an award winning author. She has been to conventions in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Slovakia and the Ukraine so far, but is eager to travel further.She has already written con reports quite often and will do so again with pleasure. She is eager to take up the honourable task to represent Europe ́s fandom in North America in a very serious way – but nevertheless hopes to find enough time for her favourite ­activity: Socializing with other fans over a beer.

Nominated by: David Hartwell, David Lally, Gloria McMillan, Mihaela Marija Perković, Cristian Tamas

Wolf von Witting

Has TAFF ever had a more pan-European candidate? German-Swedish-Scottish, born in Finland, married in Moscow, living in Italy. Touched by the Wand Contact 1974. First convention 1977 in Kleve, Germany. Touched by the 2nd Wand, called Fanac, in 1978 causing me over the years to produce more than 200 fanzines in three languages.
With my quarterly fanzine CounterClock I never stop striving to improve on my writing. As fan-illustrator, Atom and Rotsler have been paragons. I smoffed, filked and dabbled in fan-history. I know no greater honour than to follow in the footsteps of Walt Willis. Travel report guaranteed.

Nominated by: Arnie Katz, Ronald M Hahn, John-Henri Holmberg, Lloyd Penney, Chris O’ Shea

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Kim Kofmel, Warren Buff, and Jacq Monahan are our candidates. Fabulous people, all! But who will be the TAFF delegate? It's up to you, fandom!

You can grab a ballot here: http://www.taff.org.uk/

Follow the directions to vote on paper, or paypal me your vote and donation (the minimum donation is just $3!) at akg.netmouse@gmail.com to send the fan of your choice to Eastercon next year.

I have to admit, I'm disappointed so far at the level of voting from the Midwest, which is Brian's and my old stomping grounds. If you have already voted, thank you for voting! Everyone Else in the Midwest, I'm looking at *you*.

TAFF is a great program, and we hope you will all consider supporting the fan fund with a donation and your participation, even if you just vote "no preference".

Further reminders:
  • This is ranked voting: please use numbers, rather than an X or check mark, to indicate your vote.
  • If you are not sure one of the current admins will recognize your name, please list an active fan who is not a candidate, nominator, or administrator whom you know and who knows you, that we are more likely to know. Basically, if a person's name appears anywhere on the ballot it should not end up in that "active fan who can vouch for you" space. I'm rather surprised and disappointed how many people get that wrong. The directions are right, there, folks.

    So anyway, please vote! The deadline is December 9th but we welcome earlier voting.

    Also welcome: distributing copies of the ballot at club meetings and other events. We can't be everywhere to hand out ballots personally, so that's another great way you can help. Just please grab a .doc or .rtf copy of the ballot and put your own name at the bottom of the second page before printing and distributing, please, so we can get some idea of how news got around.

    Thank you!
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    x-posted from the TAFF 2010 community, here's what I'm doing on the Eastercon program:

    Saturday 1pm Connaught
    Comic Songs: Exploring the Genre
    Comic songs come in many styles: from Gilbert and Sullivan to Mitch Benn, through filk, folk and cabaret. Our panel take a relaxed look at who these songs are written for, how they have changed over time and what makes them funny.

    Saturday 4pm 18 (Aintree)
    Write a Doctor Who Song
    Let our experts help you write a Doctor Who song to the tune of your choice. You bring the ideas, they'll help you write the song.

    Saturday 9:30 pm Royal C+D (Edwd/Vic)
    Auction - League of Fan Funds
    Raising money for TAFF, GUFF and other fannish causes. Come along and see what's for sale.

    Sunday 8pm 41 (Winchester)
    Stainless Steel Rats and Rogues - Why Do We Love Them?
    From Robin Hood to Han Solo, via Slippery Jim diGriz and countless others, we will always have a place in our hearts for the lovable rogue. Why are characters with a code of honour but a complete disrespect for the law so enchanting?

    Monday 6pm 12 (Tetworth)
    Alien Invasions - How Would They Attack? How Do We Defend?
    Suppose the aliens really did invade... What would be the most effective way for them to attack? What could Earth practically do to defend itself? What can we do in advance to make Earth more secure?

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