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This is a good house. It has good light, good design. Good flow. Brian and I feel good here. Very tired, and stiff and in pain, but still good.

Most of our stuff is still in boxes, partly because most cupboards and drawers need to be cleaned before we can move into them. This morning I cooked breakfast and then scrambled to locate the silverware before it got completely cold. I had asked one of the movers who packed the kitchen to put a certain pile AND the silverware in a box labeled with our Open First tape. He eventually tossed the stuff from the pile into the middle of a big box of other things, along with the tape, which was not used to label the outside of the box. The silverware was at the bottom of another box entirely.

There's more to say but I have just eaten a late lunch and the couch in the sunroom is calling me to nap. As I told my mom when we reviewed our plan on the calendar: Wednesday we sleep.
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People have started asking how the packing is going. Usually I tell them we're sorting, which is the precursor to packing. In actuality, digging down through the stacks of things also involves picking which projects you're going to try to finish before you put it all in boxes, which ones you're going to give up on and ditch, and how to pack up the ones you're going to keep so you know what was happening with those projects in the first place.

So for instance, last night I *finally* finished uploading and ordering a batch of photos to send to Brian's mom, including a very nice one of him and Rosie at February's Daddy-daughter dance that I *meant* to send her for mother's day. It feels like that's a perfect microcosmic representation of how this year has gone - two months too late to have the desired impact. I finally got the zipper fixed on Brian's heavy winter coat too. Just last month.

Meanwhile, work continues apace on Detcon1, which is in just a couple weeks. The Diversity effort has not been as successful as I'd hoped, or even as I'd thought it had three months ago, as some program participants have had to back out for various reasons, but our hopes were high and the reality is still good. (and the DJ for the Detroit dance is going to be AWESOME). There are a number of lessons learned that I'll hopefully write up after the con (or most likely, after we move). In the meantime, Jim C. Hines was kind enough to run a video in which Pablo Vasquez and I wax enthusiastic about what we did, and what we are aiming for. And Tammy and I filled out a more detailed interview with Tor.com that hopefully they will post at some point.

Today, the Detcon1 program schedule has been released. Here it is in Konopas, which lets you indicate which things interest you and create a personal schedule for yourself.

As for me, I just sent in the Application for our Water service at the house we're renting in York, so if that registers in good time we'll have the basic utilities taken care of. Can't settle Internet until we get there because comcast is stupid. But hopefully we'll settle that without too much trouble once we have lease in hand. Sent the deposit at the beginning of the week.

Brian has reserved a Uhaul truck for Saturday, July 26 through July 29, and hired help to pack us into the truck here and unpack the truck in York. We'll leave Rosie here in A2 with Grandma and Grandpa while we take our stuff to PA, then come back for various wedding and birthday parties the weekend of August 2, then we take a vacation! Camping. Quiet. It will be... strange but hopefully good. Then back to A2 to celebrate Rosie's birthday a bit early, get in her 4 year doctor's visit, make our goodbyes, and head to PA on the 12th or so, and we all start to settling in.

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