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Our little cutie.

We dressed Rosie up as Rainbow Bright for an event at her preschool before Halloween. I've posted some pictures of her as well as of Brian dressed as a slightly Polish Viking on our Halloween set. If you look closely you can see that Brian grew his beard long and did something fancy with it. He looked quite smashing and got a lot of compliments.

Here's my favorite of the two of them:

Rosie Rainbow Bright and her viking father

I think I commented somewhere that I didn't think any pictures of what I wore existed. It wasn't a costume, per se, just black boots and a grey and black skirt I'd recently acquired, with a black sweater to top it off, but I felt very comfortable in it (aside from my feet hurting from the high-heeled boots after I spent 45 minutes volunteering at the bake sale).

But there is actually a picture - they had a backdrop set up in one of the rooms, and we got a picture of me and Rosie. Unfortunately our scanner wasn't working last time we tried, so I just snapped a picture of the print they gave us.

Anne and Rosie at Goblins

The Halloween picture set also now includes a shot of the Rocket ship costume Brian worked so laboriously to finish on time, and which Rosie subsequently refused to put on. We will keep it and have no doubt SOME child WILL wear it, eventually.


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