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netmouse: (south park ninja)
Does anyone know how to change the Standard toolbar in MS word so that it doesn't have the links to the web and excel on it that I don't ever use? and how to tell MS word to always show the whole formatting toolbar, and never to take things out of the toolbar or menus because I haven't used them in a while? I'm using MS word 2000. I want to change it and have it stay that way for next time I use MS word.

I know I can look it up, just thought I'd see if anyone already knows...

I guess really I want to power to specify which buttons to and not to have in my toolbar, but I'm not sure it lets you do that or how.

UPDATED TO ADD: A co-worker pointed out that if you hold down the 'Alt' key, you can drag buttons wherever you want them, including off of the toolbar.

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