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Okay, I've heard repeated complaints about the lack of women authors represented in the fiction Hugo Award nominees this year, but so far the two attempts I've made to get people to list what they think ought to have been on there have failed (though I've seen a couple other people mention Farthing, by Jo walton). So please either point me to someplace else where this discussion is happening, or tell me here: What fiction (of any length) would (or did) you nominate by a female author from last year that should have made the ballot?

I read very little new material last year, though I know names I would have looked for include Elizabeth Bear, Naomi Novik, Jo Walton, Justine Larbalestier, Nancy Kress, Kage Baker, Nalo Hopkinson, Pat Murphy, Ellen Klages, and Liz Williamson. (I have great respect for Connie Willis, but lately her stories all feel so much like her other stories that I find myself disappointed.)

This year we have something new from Emma Bull to look forward to, and I've been waiting for years for Water Logic by Laurie Marks. Sarah Monette has The Mirador coming. Who else are you watching or waiting for with great anticipation?

PS Does anyone know if my supposition that women authors are more likely to put forth multivolume series (which I think by their nature stand less chance of getting recognized for awards) is true?

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