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One of the projects I have not posted on here about is SFbios.com -- as with many projects, this is one I have mad phases of great progress on, then periods that slow or where I am frustratingly unable to make time for it.

If you have collections of old con program books, especially ones you edited or wrote for or otherwise have digitally but even just hard copy, I'd love help identifying gems to put up on the site.

We need to know the author. Aside from that, all bios published in sf convention program books are potential fodder.

Some cons have digital archives. Most do not. If you run across something by someone you know I encourage you to go ahead and ask them if we can reprint it on sfbios.com - one of the slowest parts of the process is getting permission. If you can forward me a message from them, giving permission, we're a long part of the way there.
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In 2012, Alex Dally MacFarlane wrote at length and with eloquence on Feminist SFF: Female Friendships, or rather the near-total absence of female friendships in SFF.

You might recall I wrote, well, er, ranted, about this topic back in 2006. It's nice to see I'm not the only one who notices it's still a THING.

As an aside, I'm happy to report that Tobias S. Buckell, whose Crystal Rain I called out on this issue in my first post, put more female characters and more female relationships and mentorships in The Apocalypse Ocean, which is a later work in the same universe (The Xenowealth Series, Book 4). I highly recommend it.
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Check out the Penguicon 5.0 website if you might consider coming to Troy for a combined science fiction/linux/open source programming convention with swordfighting, music, gaming, dancing, parties, a dealers room, and such luminaries on the program as systems security expert Bruce Schneier, nanotech industry guide Christine Peterson, webcomic artists Randy Milholland (Something Positive), The Ferrett (Home on the Strange), and Rob Balder (PartiallyClips), Gaming hero Steve Jackson, and SF authors Charlie Stross, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, Nick Sagan (Carl Sagan's son), Karl Schroeder, Sarah Zettel, Tobias S. Buckell, and Sarah Monette.

Online registration is open until April 15 at just $45 for the weekend.

I will be busy for the convention being Charlie's GoH Liaison, which I expect will be a lot of fun. I'm also on a couple panels (Getting Things Done and Women in Technology, last I checked). Rikhei and Hope and I would welcome a fourth female roommate if you're looking for a room (the hotel is sold out). If anyone has a room staying over to Monday morning I could crash in, that would be a help, too.
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I'm pleased to note that ConFusion's Science GoH, PZ Myers, has the top ranked Science Blog in Nature.com's list of Top 50 Science Blogs, which follows technorati rankings.

PZ's blog, Pharyngula, is subtitled "Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal" and I suspect most of my readers would find something there to enjoy.
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Leafing through online short fiction, came across Intelligent Design, by Ellen Klages.

Made me smile, it did.
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I spent the long weekend (Thursday evening-Monday morning) at ConFusion in Troy. On the whole, it was fun, but I was missing a lot of people (either people who were there, but not with me at the time, or people who didn't come this year), and in general nothing was as magical as it was last year.

There were some new things, though. I MC-ed the Chuck Roast (Where we roasted Fan Guest of Honor Chick Firment) and I participated in the Writer's Workshop. Both those things went really well, but I was also prepping for them right up until they started and I was pretty stressed about that.

After the Roast Saturday afternoon I expected to relax a lot, and I did some, but I had a headache I'd had more or less since Thursday night. Sadly it didn't occur to me to medicate myself for this headache until lunchtime Sunday. I didn't sleep well Thursday night or Friday, and that impacted me for the rest of the weekend. Saturday night I slept better but not very much. Sunday night I finally got a full night's sleep and felt a lot better.

Most of the highlights of the weekend (other than the workshop and the roast) had to do with small visits directly with particular people.

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